Greyrock Concrete Design

The Process

The Process:

To help our clients understand the process, we have put together a sample outline below:

Stage 1: Inquiry to Estimate

Fill out our email inquiry being sure to take a look at our standard pricing page or give us a call to discuss your project. 

In the inquiry, we need to know your selections to get you an estimate:

- Dimensions of the project including any drop-faces (thickened edges) or back splash

-Select a color from the tier on the standard pricing page

-Select a finish from our standard pricing page and check out this link for more information on finishes: Designer Concrete Link

-Select a sink style if needed, check out our standard sink sketches here: Sink Sketches

-Please attach any drawings if you have them, photos or sketches are also helpful

-Timeline of your project

-If we are not providing your sink, we need to know specs on it as well as cook-tops and ranges. The cut out for a cook-top is an additional charge

*We do have color samples we can send out. Custom color samples are an additional charge.

After we receive this information from you, we will contact you with any questions and get you an estimate within 5 days.

Stage 2: Contract and Deposit

Once you approve your estimate, we will send you a contract to look through, sign and send back. If you are picking up your project at the shop, we will need payment in full. If we are templating, delivering and installing, we need a 50% non-refundable deposit sent as well as the contract.

At this time, the studio manager will send you a template checklist, this checklist must be filled out before we come to template. Here are examples of our template checklist and contract

Stage 3: Templating

For projects we are installing, once we receive the template checklist back, we will contact you to schedule templating. Templating allows us to get exact measurements of the project. If we are not installing, contractors or homeowners may send us a template that we can work off of. If templating cannot be done, we will work off of shop drawings provided or we will do the design work for an hourly rate. 

Stage 4:


(3-4 weeks)

Once the contract, deposit, template checklist and templating are done, we will schedule the fabrication of the project. The timing of the project will depend on our back log and size and complexity of the project. For instance, a smaller job like a vanity with a standard integral sink would be completed in less time than a house needing many counter-tops, sinks etc...

Our fabrication process is as follows:

-Form and mold fabrication

-Casting (pouring the pieces)

-Cure time


-Wash to remove wax from mold and open up/etch with light acid

-Detail edges, slurry and fine tune

-Seal - here is the link to the sealer we use: Surecrete Xtreme Series XS 327

Stage 5: 

Delivery and Install, Pick-up or Crate and Ship

As your project nears completion, we will set up an installation date. Each project varies in how long it will take to install. If you are picking up or we are shipping your project, we will be in touch about a shipping quote or a day to come to the shop.