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Colored Concrete and Concrete Finishes

Mixing cement with natural, raw pigments can create any color imaginable. Since we keep meticulous records of our cement and pigment formulas, we are often able to create custom colored concrete matches in only one or two attempts.

Even the wildest and most vibrant colors can be achieved using man-made dyes. If you have a color you need matched, then we won’t stop until we find it. Just give us a sample, and we’ll send you back a sample for approval. If that one’s not perfect, then we’ll find a better match.

More Than Just Colors – Concrete Finishes and Stains

Concrete surfaces can be simple solid colors, but they can also be finished or stained to make them stand out. They may be lightly speckled with small aggregates or glasses, or could show off decorative inlays of your personal suggestion. Any degree of gloss, from matte, to satin, to mirror shine, can be achieved by pairing the correct sealer with the proper degree of buffing.

Decorative concrete stain, often used in floors, can be a great option for other concrete pieces as well. Stains can cause your concrete to take a variety of textures and looks. Perhaps you’d like your countertop to look like it’s made of water, or limestone, or even wood—there’s a decorative concrete stain that will do just that. When we said the possibilities are endless, we meant it!

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