Greyrock Concrete Design


Custom Color Concrete

Let's talk custom color. We can add pigment to our batches to create virtually any color. Bring us a sample, and we will match it as closely as possible or choose a color and we'll make you some samples to look at! 

We use integral pigments here at Greyrock, these offer the widest range of color, providing basically the same color range as the paint industry. Using these UV stable pigments with our sealer means your color will never fade. While the natural concrete colors of grey and white are very popular, it is fun to mix it up with a subtle earth tone or go all in and do a bright purple or yellow.

Click through the photos below to see some great custom color.

Concrete is an extraordinary material that is practical, expressive, and aesthetic all at once. The possibilities for creative expression are endless.
— Fu-Tung Cheng, founder of Cheng Concrete