Greyrock Concrete Design


Creating Sink Molds

One of our new projects at Greyrock Concrete Design is a line of production sinks. Every product we make is custom, but we have decided to create a number of sinks that customers can pick from if they didn’t want a custom made vanity.

Preparing burlap.

Preparing burlap.

Each of these new production sinks will be textured. Creating controlled textured concrete is difficult, so we assigned two people to the task of creating the molds for the sinks. Sarah and Kyle have been hard at work making a natural looking burlap texture.

spray 2.jpg

Troubleshooting the process took a lot of time but now there is a foundation for the rubber mold of the texture that will be a part of the outer portion of the sink mold. Stay tuned in for more details as this project nears completion.

Steve Gartner