Greyrock Concrete Design


Endless Possibilities of Concrete Design: Inlays

There are endless possibilities when it comes to concrete design. You can customize everything to fit you needs and your own personal taste. Some of the decisions you will make while creating your concrete counter-top of you dreams include: color, finish, size, added features such as drop-faces and backsplashes and of course inlays for the more experimental types. 

Inlays can be a fun and creative way to cover seams or just add a unique look to the overall appearance. Metal inlays such as steel and copper can be used as well as fossils, shells and crystals. 

Some examples of these different types are shown below. 

Copper inlays used to cover the seams in over-sized pieces

Steel "kelp" inlays used to enhance the particular theme and appearance of this conference table

Steel inlays for a bar counter-top (Illegal Pete's lettering, left, and the flag, right)

Ammonite fossil inlay for a bathroom vanity