Greyrock Concrete Design


Concrete planters

Concrete planters are an awesome addition to your garden, office, home, deck porch or patio area. As always there are so many varieties of shapes and textures we can use to make these.

Here we made some for Elevation 5003 Distillery which uses them as an integral part of their fenced patio as well as planters for herbs and flowers.

We often make these smaller size planters, which make excellent gifts.

Buddy Rhodes, a pioneer  in the concrete industry and an inspiration to us, uses his signature hand packing technique to make these large planters.

Photo courtesy of  Buddy Rhodes Studio, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Buddy Rhodes Studio, Inc.

Like we always say, Greyrock can always customize to your liking, from a small planter on your desk to a large one next to your pool. Let us know what you're dreaming of!