Greyrock Concrete Design


Concrete mold and forms

Each concrete project starts out with a form and/or mold. There are a variety of mold methods to choose from depending on the project.

The form is the perimeter...the shape of the whole piece and the mold is the area that would be the negative space like an integral sink or drain board. 

Just as your concrete project has unlimited possibilities, the same applies to mold and form making. We can figure out how to create a mold or form out of anything, we've even made a sink mold by creating a paper mache skeleton then laying fleece over it and coating it in polyester resin! 

We create square and rectangular forms out of melamine, making sure they are smooth and waterproof. The plastic coating of melamine is a great casting surface.

If the project includes an integral sink or drain board, we can produce molds in all shapes and sizes. Often we use fiberglass resin or rubber custom molds or we create our own out of EPVC or foam coated in Epsilon from Smooth-On.

For organic and complex shapes or for a very large pieces, we've made forms out of fabric and polyester resin. 

When making molds, the more accurate you are the less time you spend with issues with de-molding when processing. 

There really is no right way to making forms and molds, it is just as a creative process as concrete is!