Greyrock Concrete Design


Concrete Finishes

Because your concrete project is unique to what you are envisioning, there are a variety of finishes to choose from.

Greyrock provides the following finishes:

Cream Finish:

Greyrock's most popular finish is accomplished by paying significant attention to detail during the mold building process. The end result is very soft, but can still show some character. The gloss level can range from matte to satin. 


High Spray Finish:

This is a technique where the mold is sprayed with variation that produces texture and tone. It can be subtle or dramatic and with the same or different colors. 

Ground Finish:

Similar to Polished, but more surface is removed to expose more aggregate.

Pressed Finish:

For this finish, we press the desired color into the form leaving voids. Then either using the same color or a different one, pressed again into the exposed voids as many times as one wants.

Troweled Finish:

This finish will always be the most unique, as we create the variation by hand with a steel trowel, flattening the concrete to different degrees. 

*Some information referenced from Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products