Greyrock Concrete Design


Concrete Finishes Part 2

There are three more finishes not mentioned in the previous informational blog about the different finish options available. The remaining ones are washed, glazed and polished. Each one gives it's own unique look to the concrete. 

Washed Finish: 

This process involves spraying the cured concrete with acid which reveals some of the aggregate but not all of it and the results are sporadic. The finished product has a non-uniform style as shown below,. 


Glazed Finishes: 

The pigment is mixed with water and applied over the concrete. The color fills into all of the crevices but does not adhere to the flat surface areas causing a very organic look . Ultimately, the finish you choose will be the undertone of color and movement that you see below the glaze.  


Polished Finish: 

This particular finish is referred to as "salt and pepper" finish which is the result of polishing the concrete after it has been cast. This causes the small amount of sand in the mix to become exposed. That is how you get the "salt and pepper" look.