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The Greyrock team

Greyrock Concrete Design – Architectural Concrete Pioneers

Greyrock Concrete Design is an innovative artisan concrete studio based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Greyrock team focuses on producing high quality, custom-built pieces to suit your needs no matter what they might be. From our fully-equipped Fort Collins studio, we have the capability to craft our pieces for clients in Denver, Boulder and beyond, offering worry-free delivery and professional installation wherever your project is.

At Greyrock, we live for decorative concrete design. We’d be happy if we never made the same concrete piece twice. It’s the creativity of the design process and the challenge of turning that concept into a reality that drives our passion for the job we love.

Why We Love Concrete

Concrete’s versatility makes this material stand out over any other solid surface. Each concrete design we create is fully custom as we handcraft our molds to form each individual piece. Whether it’s your new kitchen countertop top, integral sink, kitchen island, or vanity for your bathroom remodel—you get the design of your dreams.

Custom to your needs, creative ideas and preferences, our product will be a unique asset no matter where it is placed inside your home or business.

Custom concrete starts with the design. From sketchpad to blueprint, you will see the idea transform into an original, final product—exactly as you imagined it. Let us to turn your ideas into a handcrafted piece of art.

The Greyrock Team

Greyrock strongly believes in concrete as a uniquely decorative, low impact, utilitarian and diverse medium. With a solid reputation as a fair and flexible company, these artisans are in demand.  We look forward to shaping our favorite medium into artisanal pieces that range from elegant functional pieces to stunning, stand-alone architectural designs.

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